Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day

Natalie had fun playing in the snow with her big "brother" Koal today. I took them out in it again a couple hours ago and at this point the snow is so high she has to bound over it (very cute)! She really enjoyed fetching the tennis ball in the snow. I'd throw it and she would race across the yard, dive head first into the spot she saw the ball disappear, and then come up shaking with it in her mouth. I had a good laugh the first time I witnessed this. Amazingly, she actually found the ball most of the time. Sometimes she would have to search for it a little (frantic digging and nosing would ensue) and we did lose 3 balls out there, but she was surprisingly successful for how deep the snow is.

Natalie's home for two weeks for her Winter holiday break. It's good to have her back. I don't always notice how much I miss having her around until she's hear again. We went to the mall last night and she was on her best behavior. Her trainer, Cindi, gave me the handle that her boy will use for us to practice with over the break. I haven't put it on her harness yet, but I'm planning on working with her on some other things tomorrow so we can add that in as well. I've noticed that she now seems to think "sit" means she should sit for a second and then she's free to stand again so I want to work on that with her tomorrow. Also, we'll work on her out-of-sight down/stays as Cindi suggested. I think she probably just needs a refresher on that because I know she used to be pretty good with them.

Here are some pictures from today:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Small Wonders!

Natalie on her first birthday

Today the Small Wonders litter turned two, so Happy Birthday to SSDs Gnat, Lil, Midge, Mitey, Peanut, Penny (now the UN's Jade), and Natalie (formerly Barely)!!!